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Photos courtesy of Coldspring & HGH

*Prices subject to change without notice


Custom Contour in Jet Black Granite

36"L x 6"W x 24"H

Love Birds!

8" Thick Upright

Heart in Silver Gray Granite

36"L x 8"W x 30"H plus Base

Love Birds!

8" Thick Upright

Half Serp in India Mahogany

36"L x 8"W x 30"H plus Base


Gallery Customs & Classics

Religious Porcelain Photos now available

Cassiar In Jet Black

Newkirk In ​Jet Black

Gedney In Charcoa​l Black

Schultz In Carnelian

Harmon In Mahogany

Ewing In Academy Black

Hillman In Charcoal Black

Domier In Jet Black

Medford In Royal Emerald

Powell In Colonial Rose

Lawton In Carnelian

Travis In Morning Rose

Durand In Jet Black

Butterfield In Mesabi Black

Sereen In Jet Black

Roseford In Jet Black


Marrow In Sierra White

Burwell In Sunset Red

Dancer In Premium

Sherwood In Rainbow

Rathko In Morning Rose

Winsted In Jet Black

With our Royal Melrose Designer, Contemporary and Alternative series you can find that extra ordinary cemetery monument, that different stone. And we also provide classic pieces at competitive prices.

To view more of our catalogue; for any enquiries; pricing; or a quote; please call or visit our Showroom!

Gessel In Red

Fischer In Premium

Turner In Academy Black

Foster In Jet Black


Hunter In Mesabi Natural Finish

Frankfurt In Jet Black

Berlin In Jet Black

Easton In Rainbow

Volker In St. Cloud Gray

Omann In Rainbow

Folson In Premium

Shaw In Carnelian

Selhas In Rainbow

Fisher In Natural Finish

Thompson In Premium

D'Angelo In Jet Black

To view more of our catalogue; for any enquiries; pricing; or a quote; please call or visit our Showroom!


Wood In St. Cloud Gray

Pederson In Carnelian

Patience In Colonial Rose

Cranston In Colonial Rose

Gates In Academy Black


Simon In Sunset Beige

Haskell In Colonial Rose

Purdy In Premium

Longren In Sierra White

Crane In Sunset Red


Rodriguez In Jet Black

Schulte In Carnelian

Redig In Carnelian

Miller In Academy Black & Sierra White

Anderson In Imperial Rose


Benton In Sierra White

Lommel In Rainbow

Wallace In Rose

Lewis In Sunset Red

Lynn In Sierra White

Sommer In Sunset Red

Backstrom In St. Cloud Gray

Expressions line of bronze

Expressions line of bronze

Also available at Spring Memorials is the innovative Expressions line of bronze memorials. Please visit our showroom for a brochure.


Bellefonte In Starbright Black

Thatcher In Colonial Rose

Grover In Carnelian

Freiman In Carnelian


At Spring Memorials families have many different granite colours to choose from, as we source granite stone from quarries all over the ​world.

“We work with the natural beauty the earth has to offer, slabs of granite are cut according to the best possible yield, so patterns may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal in nature. The background colour in each die and base combination will be consistent. No two slabs are ever alike, they are truly unique”

To view more of our catalogue; for any enquiries; pricing; or a quote;  please call or visit our Showroom!


In this space we will feature pictures of our installed monument crea​tions. Stay Tuned! Visit Our Dedicated Creations Page!

NOWACKI Customized Wing Monument in our Royal Mahogany

"You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the other is for helping others." -Audrey Hepburn 

FROSTED INLAID  Letters used for Family Names on Back

WERBISKI Slant in Mesabi Black; neatly installed directly on a granite foundation

In Sierra  White Granite

KANKAM in Royal Mahogany...a granite that displays unique and striking deep orange variegation

CLOUTHIER in Mountain Red..a field of crimson on a background of gray with touches of black...a breathless natural beauty of red granite

HALABI in India Black...Classically Black with an elegant hint of sparkle  and shine

LUTOMSKI in our Charcoal Black...quarried in MN, this granite offers a soothing rainbow mosaic of gray, black and cream

Bronze Beautiful Expression

BROWN in Royal Emerald with our popular  Precision carved design

STILL Family created design applied by Laser Etching

The Timeless beauty of our Mahogany granite

catches the eye

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